About Us

“My wife and I both wear hearing aids.  For the last ten years we have been relying on Sonus Hearing Care Professionals for all of our hearing needs.  Our experience has been outstanding!  Our Audiologist, Dr. Jessica Kiehl, is a true professional.  It is obvious that customer satisfaction is her highest priority.  Her attention to detail and follow up always makes us feel important.  Over the years, we have never hesitated to recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing hearing aids.”  – Jack & Millie S.

“Jessica has provided me with excellent hearing care for over 10 years.  She gives me her best advice and allows me to decide.  I always take her suggestions which have never failed to be the right course.  I have unhesitatingly recommended Sonus and Jessica to friends and colleagues.  On one occasion she cleaned and recalibrated a friend’s aid instead of selling her a new unit.  She told her that a new aid would not improve her hearing.  Now that is what I call caring for people.”  – Tucker H.

“After considering all options my husband and I are glad he chose Sonus for his hearing aids.  Sonus was by far the best for follow up, care and complete satisfaction.  The personal were so professional and taught my husband how to care for his hearing aids.  They are always there when you need them.  Now my husband can hear.”  – Pam T.

“I have been a patient since 1995.  I can say nothing but the best about this office.  I have a very severe hearing loss and Sonus has always been able to help and assist me no matter what the issue was.  I highly recommend the staff and personnel who work at Sonus.  It is a very professional group and I would refer anyone to check them out!”  Mary L.

“In 2006 at the age of 85 my Mother purchased hearing aids from Sonus.  They’ve been a Godsend.  Jessica regularly checks for any problems and cleans and replaces tubing.  It’s been a very positive experience and at the age of 95, Mother’s Sonus-assisted hearing has definitely added to her quality of life and longevity.  Jessica’s patience and demeanor make each appointment a pleasant event.”  – Merikay W.

“My experience with Sonus has been one of having an exceptional hearing aid product with great service after the sale.  The office staff is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.  Why go anywhere else?”  – Don P.

“Having been a patient of Jessica Kiehl, Au.D since fall of 2007, I have experienced a friendly, courteous, professional and knowledgeable relationship with this office.  I feel comfortable in their care.  I would highly recommend their service.”  – Frank F.